Meticulous Grout Cleaning Greenwood Village

Meticulous Grout Cleaning Greenwood Village

SteamAway Grout & Tile Cleaning only performs meticulous grout cleaning due to the nature of the process. We cover every single square inch of grout and or tile. We use steam only from tap water, NO CHEMICALS! Call us or visit our web site for more information.

SteamAway Grout & Tile Cleaning Greenwood Village

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Greenwood Village Grout Cleaning

Meticulous Grout & Tile cleaning and sealing. There are many methods of grout cleaning. Some companies use phosphorous acid with high pressure extraction which if not careful can damage your grout. Other companies use hand scrub brushing with phosphorous acid then try to sell you on staining the grout to make your grout color even. This method is very costly as you’re paying twice the cost to clean and re-stain.

Our GREEN method of grout cleaning touches and scrubs out the grout lines with 296 degree vapor steam with low pressure. The heat of the steam will not harm surrounding area such as furniture, baseboards, cabinets and carpet. Since our steam is hotter than 180 degrees F we are sanitizing the same time we are cleaning!. Having your grout cleaned, sanitized and deodorized is a plus to freshen up your home.

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